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Director's Address

Dear Student,

Founded in 1987 and situated in the capital city of Cyprus, the College of Tourism and Hotel Management is now firmly established as one of the leading centers of higher education in Cyprus.

Due to the high demand, a new Campus has been built. The new purpose built Campus is offering state of the art facilities and services proper to an international college and enhances student academic life.

The underlying objective of our programs is to prepare students for a successful career in tourism, hospitality and the service industries. In addition, with the introduction of our Master in Business Administration students can pursue a wider scope of careers. The ease with which successful graduates of the College secure employment, demonstrates the confidence shown in the College by the industry and the correctness of its educational policy.

This website details the programs and gives helpful information on the College

If you require any further help or advice to make up your mind, don't hesitate to write, telephone or visit us and we will do our best to help.

Savvas Adamides


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