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All candidates should take and pass the College Entrance Exam in order for them to be accepted and allowed to register as full time students.

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate the students’ level of English before they register for any program of study and to make sure that only candidates who are likely to succeed in their studies are admitted. Any student who passes the exam should be able to attend lectures, communicate and write in English without any difficulty.

There are no set books that candidates should study in advance, nor is there any preparation or training for this exam.

The minimum passing grade is a total of fifty (50) points out of the maximum one hundred (100). The Entrance exam consists of 4 parts which the students complete in three hours: Listening, Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Writing.

Candidates whose average grade is below fifty (50), will be accepted on the Foundation Course or the Intensive Summer Course. In order for them to be admitted to the full time program, they must take and pass the Entrance Exam again.

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