Missions and Objectives

Mission Statement

An institution offering tertiary level education is a place of learning.  It has men and women who have wisdom and courage with a vision of the future.  It has an enthusiastic, imaginative and creative faculty.  It is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of life with its students.  It offers them the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and understanding needed to meet the problems of life.

The College of Tourism and Hotel Management, committed to this ideal, is a College with the primary mission of meeting the educational and professional needs of its students in the fields of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industries, Business, Management and New Technology.

 The College has a commitment to extend its services throughout the island of Cyprus and also abroad.  Many students from abroad attend the College, thus international understanding is developed.  The College is aware of the fact that it serves best by cooperating with local and international professional bodies and other institutions of tertiary level education local and overseas in order to expand educational opportunities.  The College maintains a continuing review of the effectiveness of its teaching so that it may be in a better position to serve its students.

Admission Policy Statement

Admission to the College of Tourism and Hotel Management is open to all qualified students. The College adheres to a policy of non-discrimination in admitting students. Candidates for admission are considered without reference to race, colour, religion, gender, special needs or national origin.

Statement of objectives

The main objectives of the College are to offer innovative academic programs of high quality, in response to the needs of today's rapidly changing society; to prepare its graduates either to eventually assume positions of responsibility in the local or international tourism, travel or hospitality industries and international business, or to continue their studies for a higher degree.  Furthermore, the College strives to help its students become ethical, fair in their relations with other people, honest and sincere.

Special emphasis is also given to continuing education with a view to upgrading the knowledge and skills of international business, tourism, travel and hospitality professionals, as well as helping people who are interested in entering these industries.  These programs are designed to meet the specific and ever changing needs of these expanding sectors of the economy.

The College, in order to achieve its mission and attain its goals, attracts and retains a faculty of high quality, enjoying academic freedom, which take an active part in decision-making.  The College expects every faculty member to be an effective teacher.

An additional objective of the College is to help its students develop a sense of belonging to an educational institution of quality, which is concerned about their welfare and meets their academic, professional, social and other needs. 

The College admits applicants based on criteria, which demonstrate one’s ability to pursue higher education and eventually fulfil all graduation requirements. These graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career in the international business, tourism, travel or hospitality industries.

In addition to the formal program of instruction for its students, the College provides an informal program of educational opportunities to help meet its educational objectives.  This Program contributes to the professional, personal and social growth of the students. 

Activities such as work placement, lectures and discussions attendance, visits to places of interest, trips abroad, membership to professional and social clubs either form an integral part of a course of study or are encouraged by the College.