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Academic Regulations


The Final Assessment Board shall not unreasonably withhold permission for a student to be reassessed in accordance with course regulations.

In giving its permission, the Final Assessment Board shall specify, in accordance with the course regulations, which courses or components thereof must be retaken and when the reassessment shall take place.  A student may be required to study certain components of the program again before reassessment.

No reassessment shall be allowed for a student to improve upon a mark or grading above the pass level required for the award for which the student is a candidate.

A candidate for reassessment may not demand reassessment in courses or components thereof, which are no longer current in the course.  The Final Assessment Board may, at its discretion, make such special arrangements, as it deems appropriate in cases where it is not practicable for students to be reassessed in the same courses or components thereof and by the same methods as at the first attempt.

Reassessment for an award shall normally take place within the maximum length of the program.


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