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Justin Begley Library

Justin Begley was the first international student who in 1987 traveled from Australia to Cyprus to study at the College of Tourism and Hotel Management.  After finishing his studies, he was employed as the first librarian of the College.  In order to honour him the library was named after him.

The Justin Begley Library of the College of Tourism and Hotel Management operates as a lending library for both faculty and students.  It is a quiet, peaceful, and ideal place for students to use reference books, periodicals, magazines and journals during their study time.

Students and faculty can borrow books, search the Cyprus Documentation Centre, go through an updated collection of journals and magazines, and meet for group projects.

While studying at the College of Tourism, students will probably spend more time in the Library than in any other part of the College.  With this in mind, a wide range of services are available to help students with their course work and examinations.


Library Hours

The College library opening hours are 09:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday. Upon request the library can also be made available on Tuesdays and Thursdays up to 22:00. The library is closed on weekends and Public Holidays. ​

Library Holdings

The library, (with over 10,000 items), is specialized with a very good collection of books, periodicals and audio visual aids on tourism, hospitality operations as well as Business, Management and Information Technology. The “Cyprus Tourism Documentation Center” is a specialized section of the library in Cyprus Tourism. Students and researchers can find information on Cyprus Tourism from past to present, as the library has been collecting all the publications. This information includes historical and cultural data, tourism statistics, and annual reports from different organizations, videotapes, and other useful materials. The Cyprus Documentation Center is updated on a regular basis.


Library resources have been vastly expanded thanks to the connection of all the College computers to EBSCO database and eBook. The college library and students have access now to two programs of EBSCO database which provide the following information.

A) Hospitality & tourism complete and

B) eBook Business database.

Together with the above library and students can have access to the following


1. Library information, Science and Technology Abstracts,

2. GreenFILE,

3. European views of the Americans:1493 to 1750,

4) American doctoral Dissertaions:1933-1955

There is a computer lab dedicated to teaching and to be used by students. Besides all software programs necessary for teaching the Information Technology modules, the labs are equipped with several software programs, proper to computer aided teaching of hospitality, tourism and business related courses.

Library Rules

  • Any items that can cause damage to the library property are not allowed.

  • Any kind of noise or behavior that disturbs the library environment is not accepted

  • No food and drinks are allowed in the library.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.

  • The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the library.

  • Reference materials, dictionaries and journals cannot be borrowed from the library, but copies can be made in the copy center.

  • To use the library services all students must present their student ID card.



Please click on the links below to Download the Library Guide & Harvard Referencing system:





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