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Full Time Programs - Travel and Tourism


This is a two-year full time program leading to the Diploma in Travel and Tourism Administration and it is accredited by the CYQAA.
Each academic year is divided into two semesters each of which is fifteen weeks in duration.

The objective of this program is to train students for a successful and exciting career in tourism, which is one of the sectors in the economy that is constantly expanding. It is designed to train students to start at supervisory level positions in travel agencies, airlines and similar tourism related enterprises.

During the first year, students acquire solid technical knowledge related to international air travel. At the same time they are introduced to all the different sectors of the travel and tourism industry, and study one foreign language. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the basic concepts of accounting and the structure of the hospitality industry.

The second year course is a true travel and tourism management program, and its aim is to prepare young executives for the tourism industry. The courses taught cover a wide spectrum of management subjects, ranging from marketing and financial management to computer applications and tour operations.

Diploma holders may continue their studies with a view to acquire the Bachelors degree offered by the College or by foreign Universities.

There are two intakes per year: October and February


**The Travel and Tourism Administration students have the possibility to obtain an internationally recognized diploma from the International Air and Transport Association - Universal Federation of Travel Agent’s Association (IATA-UFTAA). Holders of the IATA-UFTAA diploma can become travel consultants, air tariff specialists or work for a hotel, cruise company, car Rental Company, Airline Company and tour Operator Company.


Upon successful completion of this program, students are awarded the Diploma in Travel and Tourism Administration.

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