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Full Time Programs - Hotel Administration


This is a two year program leading to the Diploma in Hotel Administration and this program of study is accredited by the CYQAA. 

The principal aim of the program is to prepare students for immediate employment in the tourist industry and mainly at hotels.

Upon completion of the program the students will be able to:


  • Be familiar with the operational aspects of the hospitality industry and be able to coordinate, plan, organize and supervise the work done in any hotel department.

  • Use and understand accounting systems and procedures and ascertain management functions and responsibilities in areas like administration, organization, communications, marketing and human relations.

  • Be able to communicate effectively in one or more European / International languages and to demonstrate an awareness, respect, tolerance and understanding of cultures and languages, which differ from his / her own.

  • Assert and evaluate the structure of the tourism industry and the interrelationships that exist in tourism organizations and hospitality operations

  • Understand the importance and correct use of sales techniques to generate, close and process sales in the hospitality industry and its effect on revenue

  • Apply techniques for the service of all the courses of a menu, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and perform interpersonal skills in the restaurant.

  • Acquire knowledge on the basics of computers: hardware, software, computer networks, the Internet, systems analysis, operating systems, and programming languages, recognize and understand the various components of a computer system, understand the relationship of Information Systems, business processes and decision making and understand how technology may be used and match specific technologies to the needs of an organization.

  • Be familiar with basic areas of the law such as the elements of a valid contract, the nature of negligent acts and their consequences and the protection and infringement of certain intellectual property rights.

  • Though practical training, gain knowledge and experience in the work environment in the hospitality industry, develop individual maturity, self-awareness and confidence, enhance skills learnt during studies and decide what sort of position they might want to have in their future career.

  • Use the English language effectively in various forms of writing, such as business letters, essays, reports, articles and reviews giving emphasis on clarity, correct syntax, grammar and spelling.

  • Be able to construct and perform presentations and speeches using various techniques, methods and visual aids with confidence.

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