Student Life & Activities

Besides facilities and services, which support the academic life and the learning process, the new campus offers a wealth of services for the welfare, social life, and the entertainment of students.

  • Students may have their photocopies made at the Copy Center from which they can also buy books and stationery. 

  • Student Cafeteria, is on campus and is open during normal college hours. It is also a pleasant environment for students to meet their fellow students and teachers in between and after classes.

  • For sports the possibilities are endless, outdoor sports such as handball, cricket etc can be practiced on the football/basketball grounds of a nearby school.

  • The College has a multicultural student body and one of the most popular events is the International Night, where students present the culture, music and food of their country. A change of scene is always refreshing too and students enjoy day trips to the mountains and to the “sun and sea” coastal areas.  Two-day cruises to Egypt and the Holy Land are also popular breaks.