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Financial Information


Students who have outstanding financial obligations or delinquent accounts with the College will not receive either their diploma/degree or transcript until their accounts have been settled.

The College’s financial aid program exists in order to make the education it offers affordable to all students, who qualify for admission and to act as recognition of performance or special talent.

a. Easy Payment
This scheme applies to all local students, who are offered the possibility of paying only 25% of annual tuition fees in advance and the balance on an installment basis.  Easy payment schemes are also offered to international students upon request.


b. Full Scholarships
These scholarships cover 100% of annual tuition fees and are available to local students through local high schools.  One full scholarship is offered to each local Lyceum for students with an average grade of over 18 out of 20 (18/20) on their High School Leaving Certificate.

c. Partial Scholarships
Need – based partial scholarships are available to local and international students.  Candidates should first pass the College entrance exams before applying for partial scholarship.

1. Local students who come from large families (4 children or more) receive 10% discount on their tuition fees throughout their studies.

2. Local or international students who belong to the same family (brothers and sisters) each receive 10% discount each on their tuition fees.

3. Local or international married couples also each receive 10% discount on their tuition fees.

4. Local students may obtain a discount on their tuition fees for the first semester, depending on the average grade of their high school leaving certificate.

19 out of 20 = 50%
18 out of 20 = 20%
17 out of 20 = 10%

5. International students with a GPA over 80% are granted a discount of 10% on their tuition fees for the first semester.

d. ACE Scholarships
The Achieving Curricular Excellence Scholarships are no-need-based forms of financial aid made available in recognition of performance or special talent. They are available to all students (local and international) after their first semester at the College and consist of tuition fee reduction for the following semester.  To be eligible, students must not have an F (fail) grade in any of their subjects.  The percentage reduction will be a function of their academic performance as follows:


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