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Academic Regulations


Academic work is measured in credit hours (semester hours of credit). A semester hour is the unit of credit awarded upon satisfactory completion of a course. Courses carry 4-6 ECTS and consist of three or four 55-minute sessions per week. Courses continue over a semester of 15 weeks and grades are given at the end of each semester. Thus, a course meets for approximately forty 55-minute sessions per semester.


Regular Semester
The normal course load for an undergraduate student is  30-36 ECTS per semester. A student with a grade point average of 3.0 or better on all work completed may be permitted to register for more ECTS credits and may continue to do so as long as the 3.0 average is maintained.
Summer Session
 The normal course load during the Summer Session is 6 – 18 ECTS.

Student classification as freshman, sophomore, junior or senior depends upon the number of ECTS credits successfully completed. The credit hours for each classification are:

Freshman:       0-50 ECTS

Sophomore:    51-110 ECTS

Junior:            111-170 ECTS

Senior:            171-or more ECTS


On the basis of semester hour load, a student is classified as part-time or full-time during the academic year.


A full-time student is one who is enrolled for at least 15 hours during a Fall or Spring Semester and six hours during the Summer Session.


A part-time student is one who is enrolled for less than 15 hours during a Fall or Spring Semester and fewer than six hours during the Summer Session.

A Graduate student is considered full time if he or she is enrolled in 12 hours during a regular semester or 6 hours during the summer session.

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