Faculty Organisation - Faculty Committees

The Administration, faculty and students are represented on the regular Faculty Committees.

a. The Academic Committee deals with academic affairs and is composed of the:


Registrar  (Chairman)

Academic Director

Administration staff  (one member)

Faculty (two members)

Student Union (one member)


b. The Administrative Committee deals with matters related to the administration of the College and is composed of the:


Director of Administration and Finance (Chairman)

Administrative staff (two members)

Faculty (one member)

Student Union (one member)


c. The Disciplinary Committee conducts hearings for students alleged to have committed infraction of the regulations and is composed of the:


Director of Admissions (Chairman)

Academic Director

Administrative staff (two members)

Faculty (two members)

Student Union (one member)


d. The Research and Staff Development Committee assesses, approves and monitors research projects by members of faculty.  The committee decides on the allocation of resources and reduction of contact hours for any form of staff development and is composed of the:

Director of Research (Chairman)

Academic Director

Professors (full time faculty members)

Assistant Professors (full time faculty members)

Faculty (two members)


e. The Appeals Committee  hears and decides on grievances of faculty or staff members and students against decisions taken by the College and measures taken against faculty, staff or students. This committee is composed of the:

Academic Director (Chairman)

Director of Admissions

Course Coordinators (4 members)

Student (1 member)

f. The Social Events Committee provides leadership in cultural and / or social activities organized at the College. It is comprised of the:

Student Affairs Officer (Chairman)

Administration (2 members)

Faculty (2 members)

Students (2 member)

g. The Final Assessment Board is authorized to assess students in accordance with the course assessment regulations and guided by the principles of transparency, consistency, and fairness, to recommend that awards of the College be conferred upon those who have fulfilled the objectives of an approved program of study and achieved the standards required for an award. This board is comprised of the:

Academic Director (Chairman)

Course Coordinator of the program of study

External Examiner or nominee

Faculty members with overall responsibilities for the assessment of the courses

Registrar to act as secretary












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