Faculty Organisation - College Council


The present composition of the College Council is as follows:

Antonis Charalambides, President of the College

Savvas Adamides, Director of the College

Students Union, one representative

Christos Kashourides, Businessman

Chrysostomos Adamides, Lecturer


Appointment of members:

The Faculty, Administration and Student members are appointed by the Faculty Council, Administrative Committee and the Student Union respectively.  The three independent members are appointed by the owner of the School.  The director is ex officcio member.



The College Council is the governing body of the School and

  • Appoints the Director of the School

  • Assumes responsibility before the Law of the Republic of Cyprus in accordance with the relevant legislation

  • Governs the School and represents the interests of its founders

  • Formulates the policy of the School

  • Secures adequate financial resources for the operation and development of the School and its educational programs

  • Receives and approves major financial decisions and performance

  • Advises the director on the educational programs offered by the School

  • Advises on the criteria for admission, promotion and graduation of the students

  • Suggests and evaluates academic and non-academic regulations and any other matters submitted by the owner of the College.



The College Council meets at least once a year.  It will also meet at any other time if the Director of the School or any two of its members, deem it necessary.  There is quorum provided there are at least four members present.  Decisions are taken by majority vote of those present.