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Full Time Programs - Business Studies


This course lasts for four years and leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Studies.  After the first year students may choose one of the three concentrations offered by the College in International Business Studies (IBS), Management Information Systems (MIS) or Shipping & Logistics (S&L).


  • International Business Studies (IBS): This program offers a solid foundation in the concepts and skills of international management. The primary focus is on global issues, strategic planning, business management as well as providing expertise in international business decision-making.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS):  Students choosing concentration in MIS, take business courses together with IBS students.  At the same time they take specialized courses in information technology.  This combination of business studies and computer related courses makes graduates popular candidates for managerial positions in any kind of business enterprise.

  • Shipping and Logistics (S&L): The aim of this valuable and innovative program is to offer students a solid foundation in the concepts and skills of international shipping and logistics management, which enable them to have an international career.

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