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Full Time Programs - Hotel Administration


This program of study is a three-year program and it is accredited by the CYQAA. The first year focuses on the Food and Beverage theory and not practice combined with other related subjects. The College arranges work placement in reputable hotels where students gain a lot of experience. The second year emphasizes on the Rooms Division with reception, housekeeping and related subjects. Work experience in reputable hotels is also provided. The last year of study concentrates on management theories and practices, which are directly related to the Hotel Industry.

The ultimate purpose of this program is to train young high school graduates to:

  • Eventually assume supervisory level positions in the local or international hospitality industry

  • Continue, if they wish to do so, their studies in order to obtain a degree in hospitality management


On completion of this program the student is expected to:

  • Be familiar with the operational aspects of the hospitality industry and be able to coordinate, plan, organise and supervise the work done in any hotel department.

  • Use and understand accounting systems and procedures and ascertain management's functions and responsibilities in areas like administration, organisation, communications, marketing and human relations.

  • Be able to communicate effectively in one or more European / International language and to demonstrate an awareness, respect, tolerance and understanding of cultures and languages, which differ from his/her own.

  • Ascertain and evaluate the structure of the tourism industry and the interrelationships that exist in tourism organisations and hospitality operations

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