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Full Time Programs - Tourism management


This is a four years degree program and leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism Management.

Program Aims

  • Enable students to develop a thorough understanding of the changing social, cultural, economic and political factors which impact upon tourism industries.

  • Gives students the opportunity to explore tourism policy and planning issues and the potential impacts of tourism in a range of international contexts.

  • Encourage students to develop knowledge and practical skills in business management as well as the specialist study of tourism management issues.

  • Enable students to develop the ability to cope with change and adapt to new systems and technologies within a tourism environment.

  • Acquire through learning a global perspective of tourism management


Program Objectives

  • To provide students with a solid understanding of the tourism industry.

  • To enable students to apply a variety of organizational concepts to the tourism industry.

  • To encourage students to think critically about tourism management problems.

  • To enable students to develop the skills necessary for their career and make them understand the political, economical, social and technological factors that affect tourism.

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