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Academic Regulations



Assessment regulations for a program of study may include oral examinations as a component in the assessment for an award, or as an element in the assessment of a single subject.

In addition to the provisions of the regulations for the program, the external examiner or nominee may examine any student viva voce.  An internal examiner shall be present at the viva voce examination.  This form of assessment may be used:


  1. As an alternative or additional assessment where reasons for poor performance have been established; such assessment shall not lower a student’s marks

  2. Where an allegation of an assessment offense is under consideration

  3. In such other circumstances as may be determined by the external examiner or the Final Assessment Board


Students shall be briefed before by the Chairman of the Final Assessment Board, or a member of staff nominated by the Chairman, on the purpose of the viva voce examination.

For a part of a program with which the external examiner is not associated, a viva voce examination may be similarly conducted by internal examiners.


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