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Full Time Programs - Accounting and Finance


This is a four-year degree program that leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance.

The ultimate purpose of this program is to educate and train high school graduates to:

  • Gain a wide-range of accounting-based skills, which will be attractive to employees, both inside and outside the accountancy profession.

  • Develop skills, which will enable students to maximize their personal development both inside and outside employment.

  • Develop a flexible and enquiring intellectual stance, which will enable the student to adapt to a rapidly changing environment of work and social life.

  • Develop into high quality practitioners who can facilitate the effective and efficient use of accounting and finance by organizations in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

  • Be able to continue, if they wish to do so, with the accounting professional examinations offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Chartered Association of Certified Accountants professional bodies.

  • Be able to work in an international environment by providing a thorough grounding in key accounting and finance areas together with language skills and intercultural understanding.

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