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Full Time Programs - Information Technology


This is a two-year program leading to the Diploma in Information Technology. The principal aim is to train high caliber computing and information systems professionals. One feature of this program is the possibility of part time work in local information technology companies. Graduates of this program are accepted in the third year of the Business Studies/MIS program. 

The program aims to educate and train students in those aspects of information technology concerned with the implementation of information systems in wide variety of organisational contexts. The concern is with the utilisation and support of technology in a modern enterprise. 

The learning objectives are that students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental characteristics of information systems and their role within organisations,

  • Know how to evaluate and select appropriate methods and technologies for representing, managing and disseminating information,

  • Contribute to information system implementation, using sound principles of analysis and design,

  • Demonstrate practical competence in a range of current software systems

  • Able to adapt themselves and learn new evolving technologies and implement them in their line of work

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