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ERASMUS: Trip to Slovenia

After our colleagues from School Centre Slovenj Gradec - Higher Vocational College, visited us in Cyprus, our school decided to send 2 staff members (Mr. John Kanakas and Ms. Emily Serdari) as the Erasmus+ Mobility (Staff Training), representatives.

Our staff left Cyprus on Friday the 23rd of September 2016, and flew from LCA airport to Athens (Greece), and the next morning they got their flight from ATH to LJB (SLOVENIA) . They stayed in Ljubljana, for the weekend and on Monday morning took the bus to Slovenj Gradec.

Slovenj Gradec is a city in Northern Slovenia , 168km from the capital of Slovenia. It is a city first mentioned by its name in the Middle ages. Its economy is mainly based on manufacture, tourism and agriculture.

On Tuesday, we visited the School Centre Slovenj Gradec - Higher Vocational College, where our college representatives visited the College facilities and met with teachers and the Principal of the school.After seeing the college, our contacts took us to the centre of the city for lunch. There we enjoyed traditional Slovenian food and discussed prospects of the Erasmus programme between the two schools. After lunch the team visited an assortment of monuments, lakes, and an inactive mine.

On Wednesday morning one of the Slovenian colleagues, picked us up with her own car and took us on an excursion on the mountains of the area. There our team enjoyed a mountain hike and the natural beauty of rural Slovenia. After the hike, the team and their colleagues went to another traditional style restaurant by a local lake.

On Thursday and Friday the team went back to Ljubljana. In Ljubljana they visited the Historic castle of Ljubljana, the EU Buildings the Town Hall, the central Square, and the Ljubljana Zoo.

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