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Educational Webinar - June 2022

Αn educational webinar was held on Tuesday, June 7 2022 with EBSCOhost Research Platform and the College of Tourism and Hotel Management’s academic staff focusing on the use of the research website.

During the training session, EBSCO's Customer Engagement Manager Karolina Podloucká reviewed the available electronic resources of information to the College and specifically the two databases; Hospitality & Tourism Complete and the eBook Business Collection (EBSCOhost). She made special reference to the way the EBSCO website works aiming at a more efficient navigation on the website and by extension facilitating the access of the members of the college to the databases in question.

The participants had the opportunity to ask some questions about the use of EBSCO, which were answered by Karolina Podloucká and the session enabled the academic staff of the college to familiarise themselves with the electronic format of the library provided to them by the college through their account to support their research and educational work.

Also a YouTube video is provided with the training.

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