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Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme 13-15th of April, 2022

In April 2022, Vysoká škola Obchodn (University College of Business in Prague) from Czech Republic through the Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme visited College of Tourism and Hotel Management in Nicosia, Cyprus where three academics Dr. Cervinka Michal, Dr. Voseckova Lucie and Dr. Zyka Jan delivered lectures for with the following topics:

  1. Airaline and their cooperation in tourism services (Dr. Zyka)

  2. Low cost airlines model and tourism (Dr. Cervinka)

  3. Non-material damage in the regulation of international transport (Dr. Voseckova)

Overall the Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme is a very helpful and useful tool into creating flexible learning pathways in-line with learners' goals and objectives in the process of internationalization of higher education, as well as, it leads to enhanced coherence and simplification of the process, allowing learners and workers to move freely for learning or working purposes.


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