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Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme – Praha, the Czech Republic, 13-15th of May, 2019

In May 2019 I visited Vysoka škola podnikání a práva, a.s., Praha, the Czech Republic, supported under Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme.

This trip for me was an opportunity to gain new knowledge in international cooperation within the EU partnership projects and understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training within and across national borders in various sub- systems.

During my presentation I also had a chance to discuss with students and tutors of Vysoka škola podnikání a práva, a.s., Praha, the main issues in the Leisure Industry worldwide. We reviewed the current situation in the Leisure Industry management and shared our views on the global Leisure Industry trends. The students of Vysoka škola podnikání a práva, a.s. were interested to learn more about the situation in the Leisure Industry in Cyprus, supporting their arguments with examples of their home country, the Czech Republic.

Overall, I find Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme a very helpful and useful tool creating flexible learning pathways in line with learners' goals and objectives in the process of internationalisation of higher education. I strongly believe that Erasmus Teaching Mobility programme leads to enhanced coherence and simplification of the process, allowing learners and workers to move freely for learning or working purposes.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to Mr Savvas Adamides, the Director of the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (Cyprus), for encouraging my professional growth and development. I would like to thank Mrs Elena Stavrou (COTHM Erasmus Coordinator), Mrs Koulla Milidoni (COTHM Finance Director) and Mr Jan Skipala (Erasmus Coordinator of Vysoka škola podnikání a práva, a.s., Praha, the Czech Republic) for their support and assistance in the process of organising this trip.

Anna Kokhanets - Lecturer

COTHM (Cyprus)


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