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Academic Semester

The commencement day for the Academic Semester SPRING 2024 

at the College of Tourism & Hotel Management here in Cyprus

will be the Monday, 29 January 2024.

Welcome to the College of Tourism and Hotel Management

The underlying objective of our programs is to prepare students for a successful career in tourism, hospitality and the service industries. In addition, with the introduction of our Master in Business Administration students can pursue a wider scope of careers. The ease with which successful graduates of the College secure employment, demonstrates the confidence shown in the College by the industry and the correctness of its educational policy.

Here on our website, we provide details for the programs and helpful information for the College. If you require any further help or advice to make up your mind, don't hesitate to write, telephone or visit us and we will do our best to assist you.

Students at the College of Tourism learn, explore and grow within a dedicated and supportive environment that offers personal care and counseling and promotes mutual respect, community values and social responsibility. 

Focused on growth and innovation, the College of Tourism & Hotel Management in Cyprus, maintains partnerships in the tourism industry across the region allowing students the capacity to gain valuable experience, improve their skills and enhance their employability.

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